© Ideosync Media Combine 2011/ Best Viewed at 1650 x 1050 or higher Community Media & Community Radio By the People. For the People. Of the People. In line with our philosophy of community empowerment through communication, we see community media processes as central to our mission. We believe community-owned, community mediated  media allow communities to learn from themselves, and change from within - and sustain those changes We’ve worked with community groups and young people in India, Afghanistan, Nepal, Laos and Cambodia as part of projects that have changed the way communities in these countries perceive and use the media. Communities we’ve trained have learnt to produce high quality audio and audiovisual content that they share within themselves and with other communities to inform, educate and entertain. That’s why COMMUNITY RADIO means so much to us. We’ve helped set up 6 CR stations across India so far - three of which are now on air - with technology, training, research, setup, licensing and sustainability planning support. We’ve worked with key donor agencies and the Govt. of India to roll out their CR initiatives and conduct capacity building workshops. We’ve written a manual on the technology of community radio for UNESCO, and on the process of applying for frequency and site clearances. We’re a part of the Community Radio Forum of India, the association of community broadcasters in the country, and are members of AMARC. We’ve served on the Ministry of information & Broadcasting’s screening committee which vets CR applications - and on several CR policy panels.