Services Ideosync core competencies and focus areas Specializing in the development of purposive and tailor-made development communication strategies, Ideosync’s forte is the creation of integrated communication solutions that expand and support multi-sectoral development initiatives executed by  governmental agencies, the NGO sector, bilateral aid agencies and the UN agencies.  Communication needs identification   Developing purposive communication concepts tailored to meet individual project directives, audiences and communication budgets. Communication strategy design + communication policy design Development of long-term communication policy, with special reference to awareness and behavioural change communication within multi-sectoral development programmes. Content creation: Print, audio, visual, multimedia Concept-to-execution planning and execution of unified print and audiovisual campaigns on development issues (narrowcasting & broadcasting), notably on issues relating to gender, reproductive health, and HIV/AIDS awareness. Communication research and KAP studies Ethnographic and participatory research processes that study the evolution of knowledge, awareness and behaviour change within communities. Capacity building & training on communication for social change  Long and short term workshop-based training processes for development professionals and communities on C4D (with a special emphasis on the development of innovative audience derived content, and technical capacity building on production and media technology.) © Ideosync Media Combine 2011/ Best Viewed at 1650 x 1050 or higher