Reaching out to the Young: An Innovative Communication Strategy on HIV for young people Year: 2006-07 Supported by: DFID - India Ideosync, in partnership with the Constella Futures Group, and MAMTA Institute for Mother & Child Health, was commissioned by DFIDI to study knowledge, attitudes and practice (KAP) surrounding RSH and HIV among young people in India. The research process was conducted across 4 districts each in Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh - the former a low incidence/low awareness/high risk area, and the latter a high incidence/high risk/high awareness area. All the data was collected by community researchers trained in qualitative and quantitive research processes by Ideosync. The study resulted in the development of Reaching out to the Young, a groundbreaking communication strategy addressing young people. For more on the strategy plan, click here. © Ideosync Media Combine 2011/ Best Viewed at 1650 x 1050 or higher Shaping Demand & Practices to Improve Family Health Outcomes in Northern India Year: 2008-10 Supported by: Population Council Ideosync, as part of a consortium led by the Population Council, conducted a large scale communication landscaping of Uttar Pradesh, focusing on reproductive, maternal and child health and nutrition (RMNCHN). Ideosync’s qualitative sub-study focused on previous BCC work in the state; perspectives from government and donor/NGO health programmes; and the potential for partnerships with electronic and print media channels to improve coverage of RNCHN related issues. The study is expected to feed into a full scale BCC intervention on RMNCHN to address multiple states across Northern India.  Download Ideosync’s Policy Brief on Mass Media perspectives for RMNCHN (PDF)   Download entire RMNCHCN Policy brief set (ZIP - 12 PDF papers)