Sangharsh (The Struggle) VIDEO/24 MINS/HINDI Year: 1999 Supported by: Project Concern International &                                          Humana People to People A short fiction film on HIV awareness for a rural Indian audience, Sangharsh  was designed as a discussion generation tool to be used by facilitators to broach the topic of HIV. Developed through an interactive engagement with communities in the Indian state of Rajasthan, Sangharsh has been used widely with communties across North India, and as far afield as Zimbabwe. Nirankush (Without End) 35 mm/59 MINS/HINDI Year: 1997 Supported by: Films Division & Ministry of Health & Family                                          Welfare, Govt. of India Produced for theatrical release in North India, and for screening on mobile video vans by the Ministry of Health as partof its campaign and female infacticice and gender  based violence, Nirankush tells the story of a young social worker who sets out to combat the practice of female infanticide in the interior villages of Rajasthan. The film went on to win a slew of awards, and was screened as part of several premier film festivals.  The Sound of Silence VIDEO/15 MINS/HINDI w/ENGLISH SUBTITLES Year: 2002 Supported by: UNDP - REACH BEYOND BORDERS In 2001, UNDP REACH supported STOP, an NGO working on the prevention of trafficking of women, to develop an intervention with slum dwellers in Seelampur, Delhi. Some members of the community developed a short skit on trafficking, which was then filmed by Ideosync over a series of preformances. The film was was used as a discussion tool and ice-breaker during community meetings on issues around gender and traffiicking
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