Gaudhuli: A Journey Home VIDEO/22 MINS/HINDI + NEPALI Year: 2008 Supported by: Equal Access/Family Health International A poignant short film on the lives of Nepali migrants in India, Gaudhuli was filmed by two teams as they accompanied Nepali migrants returning home from their places of work in Mumbai and Delhi. The film was a spin off from the USAID supported Namaste Safe Migration initiative, under which Ideosync developed the Desh Pardesh radio programme series Desh Pardesh (Home & Abroad) RADIO/52 + 35 EPISODES/28 MINS EACH/NEPALI + HINDI Year: 2006 - 2009 Supported by: Equal Access/Family Health International As part of the 52-episode radio show addressing migrant Nepalis, developed by Equal Access Nepal, Ideosync produced 17 episodes presenting the Nepali migrant experience in India. The segments were recorded by Nepali migrants in Delhi and Mumbai, who were trained in radio production by Ideosync. Desh Pardesh ran from 2006 to 2009, its initial 52 episode run extended by a further 35 episodes (of which Ideosync produced 15).  Socho aur Khelo (Think & Play) Zindagi Ke Kuch Pahlu (Some Vignettes from Life) BOARD GAME + FLASH CARD SET/ENGLISH + HINDI Year: 2007 Supported by: Family Health International As part of the USAID IMPACT project on AIDS awareness, FHI partnered with Sharan, Salaam Baalak Trust and YMCA to create interventions addressing street children in Delhi. Within this process, Ideosync developed a communication strategy on HIV risk reduction for young people; and designed and produced Socho aur Khelo, a snakes & ladders style decision- based lifeskills game; and Zindagi ke Kuch Pahlu, a flashcard set that could be used to generate discussions, as well as a counselling tool. © Ideosync Media Combine 2011/ Best Viewed at 1650 x 1050 or higher Listen to one of the India segments (mp3) Listen to a full episode (mp3)