Reaching out to the Young: An Innovative Communication Strategy on HIV for young people Year: 2006-07 Supported by: DFID - India Ideosync’s DFIDI supported research project, in partnership with the Constella Futures Group, and MAMTA Institute for Mother & Child Health, resulted in a groundbreaking communication strategy to address HIV risk reduction among young people. As the first detailed strategy of its kind suggesting a 360 approach to HIV messaging for young people, Reaching Out to the Young became a vital cog in the NACP-III focus on young people. For more on the research project which led to the strategy, click here.   Communication strategy on HIV risk reduction for marginalized young people Year: 2004-05 Supported by: FHI/USAID-Impact As part of the USAID IMPACT project on AIDS awareness, FHI partnered with Sharan, Salaam Baalak Trust and YMCA to create health interventions addressing street children in Delhi. As a lead-in to developing a set of communication tools to address HIV related lifeskills issues among these young people, Ideosync developed a communication strategy document that provided a messaging framework within which these tools could be developed. For more on the tools developed under this strategy, click here.   National Advocacy strategy for INP+ Year: 2003-04 Supported by: UNAIDS In 2003, UNAIDS supported Ideosync to assist the Indian Network of HIV positive people (INP+) in developing an advocacy strategy that could guide their engagement with Government and donor agencies. The strategy was developed through a participatory workshop process attended by INP+ members from across al its state chapters. © Ideosync Media Combine 2011/ Best Viewed at 1650 x 1050 or higher